Costly Mistakes for DIY Pressure Washing in Springhill, TN

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Pressure washing in Springhill, TN, is one of the best ways to maintain its appearance while preserving its longevity, integrity, and more. However, pressure washing a surface without quality equipment or experience can cause more harm than good. That’s why 15cent Pressure Washing put together a few DIY pressure washing mistakes that homeowners must avoid.

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Top Three DIY Pressure Washing Mistakes Every Springhill, TN, Homeowner Should Know

Many homeowners believe pressure washing in Springhill, TN, is as easy as filling the unit’s container with heated water and straying down dirty surfaces. However, pressure washing requires specific cleaning solutions and techniques to clean surfaces successfully. Improper pressure washing can cause numerous issues that could jeopardize your property’s well-being.

Below are some common pressure washing mistakes to avoid.

  1. Excessive Pressure

Pressure washers have several settings that dictate the unit’s water pressure. Although high pressure levels will remove pollutants from a surface quickly, applying too much can damage the area. Delicate materials like residential siding require lower pressure than concrete walkways and brick walls.

Always ensure you use the correct pressure levels while pressure washing in Springhill, TN.

  1. Missing Cleaning Solution

Pressure washers require more than hot water to clean a surface optimally. Most people need a cleaning solution to help remove stubborn dirt and stains without leaving behind an unsightly residue. Although washing an area without a cleaning solution might eliminate surface grime, it won’t eradicate other contaminants like mold or mildew.

Homeowners must add a high-quality cleaning solution to their pressure washers if they want to restore a surface’s original appearance.

  1. Failing to Follow the Proper Cleaning Order

Professional pressure washers follow a specific cleaning order to ensure optimal results. Failing to follow the correct steps can undo previous work and require you to reclean the area. For example, pressure washing windows before cleaning a home’s siding can sling dirt back onto the windowpanes, nullifying your previous work.

Pressure washing out of order also wastes the cleaning solution while elongating the entire process. Following the correct pressure washing steps allows you to clean more efficiently while reducing work time.

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