How Often Should You Pressure Wash Your Home in Springhill, TN?

Pressure Washing Spring Hill, TN

With quality pressure washing, Spring Hill, TN, residents can transform the appearance of their homes in just one day. But how often do you need to pressure wash your home, and is there such a thing as pressure washing too often?

There is no definitive timeline for how often you should hire a professional to power wash your home. There are, however, four situations where calling a pressure washing company can be most beneficial for removing dirt and increasing the value of your home.

After a Storm or Prolonged Bad Weather

Mold, mildew, dirt, pollen, and other potentially harmful substances building up on the sides of homes are the biggest reasons people hire a professional pressure washer. Not only do these substances make our homes look and feel dirty, but they are also hazardous to human health when repeatedly inhaled.

These substances build up most frequently after severe storms or prolonged instances of cold, rainy weather. To remove harmful buildup and get your home looking fresh, it is best to have it washed after any inclement weather hits middle Tennessee.

Before Showing Your Home to Buyers

Curb appeal is one of the highest priorities for new homebuyers. And nothing takes away from a home’s aesthetic quite like an exterior covered in mildew and dirt.

Power washing can restore the color and shine of your original paint. Additionally, quality pressure washing in Spring Hill, TN, from 15cent Pressure Washing can remove any hidden mold that would otherwise devalue your house.

Between the health and cleanliness benefits, pressure washing will make prospective buyers love your home. 

Before a New Coat of Paint

Pressure washing is essential for any homeowner looking to repaint their house. Not only can it remove any chipped or peeling paint, but it can also help the new coat of paint last longer and stick to your siding better.

As Part of Annual Maintenance 

Since dirt and debris build up slowly, you might not even notice they are there until the problem gets out of hand.

The best way to avoid the accumulation of unnoticed grime on the sides of your home is to schedule regular pressure washing. But how often you hire power washing services in Spring Hill, TN depends on several factors.

You should schedule routine pressure washing at least twice a year if your home has vinyl or metal siding or if you live on a busy road with lots of dust and debris. For solidly built homes in quiet areas, you can likely go 12 months in between pressure washing if you’re lucky enough to avoid any significant storms.

For premium pressure washing, Spring Hill, TN, residents can turn to the team at 15cent Pressure Washing. Our cleaning services in Spring Hill will get your home looking its bestcompletely rid of all mold, dirt, or mildew.

To schedule an appointment, call 15cent Pressure Washing today at (931) 446-1031. We’ll get your home looking like new!

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