Awning Cleaning Services
in Maury County TN

Awning Cleaning Columbia TN

Awning Cleaning Columbia TN

The Benefits of Hiring a Professional for Awning Cleaning

If you have an awning in your commercial space, here are several reasons why you should consider expert cleaning assistance:


No risk of awning damage

Using the wrong cleaning solution or tool can ruin the look and integrity of your awning. At 15cent Power Washing, we only use tried-and-tested, industry-approved methods to clean even the most stubborn stains safely.


Longer awning lifespan

Instead of paying high fees for an awning replacement, routine professional cleaning maximises the lifespan of your current one and ensures its manufacturer’s warranty isn’t voided.


Safety concerns

If you have high awning placement, cleaning them without the right equipment can pose a danger to you or your employees.


Improved curb appeal

With pristine, stain-free awnings, your property's overall appearance will significantly improve.

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Awning Cleaning Columbia TN

Awning Cleaning Done Right

At 15cent Power Washing, we understand that every awning and canopy is unique. We vary our cleaning depending on the awning fabric and style, but we follow a general process.

Our team uses a specially blended cleaning product that lifts any debris that has seeped into the fabric. Then, we gently brush away any tougher spots and wash the whole awning with a low-pressure, clean water rinse.

This method is effective at cleaning all types of awnings, including:

Why Choose 15cent Power Washing

When it comes to awning cleaning, we are your trusted experts. We have been providing quality pressure washing solutions for many years, and our keen attention to detail will protect your assets for years to come.

Our service comes with:


Honest and upfront costs

Unlike other shady companies that surprise you with hidden fees, we provide an accurate breakdown of our prices for your peace of mind.


Punctual arrivals

We respect your time, which is why we always arrive on schedule.


Experienced technicians

Our team knows the exact methods to use for any awning cleaning project.


Specialized equipment

No matter how difficult it is to access your canopy or awning, we have the means to reach the unreachable safely.


100% satisfaction guarantee.

Whatever the job, you can trust us to get it done right the first time.

Let Your Awnings Shine Again!

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