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Gas Station Cleaning Columbia TN
Gas-Station-Cleaning Columbia TN

The Importance of Routine Gas Station Cleaning

By preserving the cleanliness of your comfort room, storefront, and gas pumps, you will set your establishment apart from the other facilities nearby. Trust us—a lot of customers would go the extra mile to find clean gas stations.

If you want to take your daily cleaning routine to the next level, get power washing services. Regular scrubbing removes trace amounts of dirt, but it does little in eliminating the tough stains from oil leaks and fuel spills. Alternatively, a professional power washer can remove these stains within minutes.

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Parts of Your Gas Station That Can Be Pressure Washed

Gas stations are prone to wear-and-tear damage. Fuel pumps splatter gas, tires track in dirt, customers litter rubbish, and cars leak oil. Basic cleaning routines cannot reverse these damages.

If you want to restore the curb appeal of your gas station, consult our specialists at 15cent Pressure Washing. We have the necessary equipment to wash various parts of your facility thoroughly, such as the:

Concrete Pads

Concrete Pad

Since hundreds of cars pass by your facility regularly, we suggest pressure washing your concrete pad at least every three to four months.



Attract even more customers to your gas station with brilliant, stain-free signage.



Customers are more likely to patronize a convenience store with a clean, well-maintained storefront than a filthy one.


Dumpster Pad

Routinely pressure washing your dumpster pads will eliminate the harmful insects and viruses that feed on garbage.

Gas Station Cleaning Columbia TN

Pressure Washing Services That Will Not Interrupt Business Operations

Finding time for gas station cleaning can be challenging, especially since these establishments attract customers 24/7. Halting operations for even one day would hurt your profits. Fortunately, our cleaners at 15cent Pressure Washing will not require you to shut down your facility. We work on one fuel pump at a time, so your other units can keep running.

While leaving your gas pumps open allows you to accommodate customers, heavy foot traffic might compromise the cleaning process. We cannot effectively remove oil and tough stains if cars keep driving around your facility. Furthermore, your customers might find our cleaning boundaries annoying.

To avoid these complications, it’s best to schedule your appointment on a slow day with low foot traffic. Routine gas station cleaning is crucial to maintaining a safe facility, but not at the expense of your operations.

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