Dumpster Pad Cleaning Services
in Maury County TN

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Columbia TN

Dumpster Pad Cleaning Columbia TN

Why Trust a Professional for Dumpster Pad Cleaning

When you choose well-trained experts to address your dumpster area, the benefits become obvious. We at 15cent Pressure Washing use industry-standard power washing techniques to:


Maintain curb appeal

No matter how hidden your dumpster is, it likely won’t go unnoticed by many of your visitors. People make snap judgments off how businesses appear to be run, and something as seemingly unimportant as a dirty dumpster can leave a lasting impression.


Lessen the chances of injuries

What if an employee – or even a customer – slips because of a slippery dumpster area? You become vulnerable to liability claims by leaving any part of your property poorly maintained.


Eliminate pests

Dumpster pads are a paradise for unwanted critters like rodents and insects. When they populate your dumpster, they might eventually take up residence in your interiors and create even more problems.


Control bacteria

Unfortunately, a dirty dumpster area doesn't just attract pests; they also become a breeding ground for bacteria. Employees who take out the trash become regularly exposed to these hazards and risk getting sick.


Get rid of nasty smells

Whatever business you run, off-odors wafting from your dumpster is never appealing. Cleaning the area thoroughly can prevent this problem.

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We Treat Your Commercial Property Like Our Own

When it comes to maintaining commercial properties, the exterior is just as important as the interior. Many businesses choose 15cent Pressure Washing because we provide:


Custom solutions

We take a unique approach for every job to ensure a safe and effective power washing service.


Peace of mind

As a fully licensed and certified business, we offer our clients the assurance that we only use industry and government-approved practices.


Honest and upfront costs

You don’t have to worry about surprise costs or hidden fees when you choose us.


100% satisfaction guarantee

We don’t consider a job well done until you’re completely satisfied with the results.

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