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Building Washing Columbia TN

Building Washing Columbia, TN

What Does The Exterior of Your Building Say About Your Business?

The exterior condition of your building is the first thing customers and guests learn about your business. A building that does not look well-kept sends a negative message that is hard to overcome.

In contrast, a sparkling, clean exterior shows customers that you pay attention to detail, have a well-organised establishment, and care about appearance. Of course, sending the right message is not the only reason you should have the exterior of your building cleaned.


Protect Your Investment

An annual exterior cleaning from our team at 15cent Pressure Washing can help protect your commercial property from the ravages associated with dirt and grime buildup. Soil, soot, and other airborne pollutants can prematurely age the exterior of your building and wear away its finishes.

However, our professional pressure washing services from 15cent Pressure Washing can effectively remove the dirt and protect your exterior surfaces.


Remove Harmful Growth

Mould and mildew growth often accompany water damage, but other conditions can also stimulate the development of these harmful organisms. Mould, mildew, and algae can take hold after a good rain and some humid weather. Getting a professional-quality building cleaning from 15cent Pressure Washing can wash it all away before the harmful spores can spread inside and cause health damage to you, your employees, and your customers or tenants.

Building Washing Columbia TN

Every Commercial Property Can Benefit From Building Washing

A wide range of commercial properties can benefit from our services, including:


Multi-family rental buildings

Keeping the exterior of your apartment building or multi-family rental building clean will attract highly qualified tenants.


Retail spaces

Presenting the right aesthetic for your retail space will attract more customers.


Office buildings

A clean exterior sends the right professional message.


Municipal buildings, schools, community centers, churches, gyms, and more

can all enjoy the benefits of a clean exterior and protect the people who use and occupy them.

At 15cent Pressure Washing, we have the expertise to clean every type of commercial property.

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Building Washing Columbia TN

Commercial Building Wash From 15cent Pressure Washing

Our exterior washing company makes your satisfaction a priority. Our professional team can make even washing work look easy. We use commercial-grade power-wash equipment and the appropriate cleaning solvents for every exterior surface.

At 15cent Pressure Washing, we:


Keep our word

We arrive when we say we will and get the job done to your 100% satisfaction. We understand that “fast and efficient” is part of the deal.


Use the proper technique and cleaning solvents to protect your exterior surfaces

Building cleaning is not quite as simple as point-and-shoot. Without experienced professional pressure washing, exterior surfaces are at risk of damage by amateurs bearing pressure-washing tools.


Always provide courteous, affordable, professional services

We are customer-centered, so you come first.

Our team will work on your schedule to clean your commercial building, with 24/7 availability. We understand that pressure washing services during business hours may disrupt your business flow, so we can schedule weekend appointments, after hours, or before the workday starts to get the job done.

Improve Your Property Instantly

Building Washing Columbia TN
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