Quick And Hassle-Free Post-Construction Clean Up Services
In Maury County TN

Post Construction Clean-Up Columbia TN

What Our Professional Cleaners Can Do for Your Establishment

We go above and beyond what is expected of us. Not only will we deal with the apparent trash and debris, but we will also dust and polish the different fixtures in your new place. Expect every nook and cranny to be spotless.

Some of our most popular post-construction clean-up services include:


Dust Removal

Post-construction cleanups involve a lot of dusting. It might seem like a tedious, mundane task, but it’s pretty time-consuming—especially if done alone. Luckily, we have specialised equipment designed to collect sawdust quickly and efficiently.


Power Washing

We will run our power washer through the interior and exterior of your new establishment to get rid of any mud, dirt, or gunk.


Window Sticker Removal

Expect nothing but crystal-clear windows. Our team uses a specialised solution to ensure that no adhesive residue sticks to the glass.


Furniture Cleaning

We will dust and clean all the cabinets, drawers, tables, desks, and other furniture in your establishment. These pieces likely accumulated tonnes of dust during the construction.

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We Provide Customized Post-Construction Clean-up Services

There is a common misconception that post-construction cleanups all consist of the same tasks and chores. On the contrary, different projects have varying cleaning conditions.

For instance, homes with thick layers of mud and dirt would need intensive power washing, while renovated condominiums discarding junk require rough cleaning.

Planning cleanup projects is as tiring as cleaning up work sites, but you don’t have to let these chores dampen the excitement of finishing your construction projects. Let us do the cleaning instead. We have the skills and machinery to rough-clean any property, including:

Top-Rated Rough-Cleaning Services

Most people find post-construction cleanup tasks a hassle. After all, disposing of the large debris and trash from your construction work could take days, depending on the property’s size. Some waste might even require specialised disposal procedures.

For a fast, hassle-free way to achieve a clean, safe living or business space, reach out to 15cent Pressure Washing. No matter how filthy your place is, you can rely on our highly trained workers. Also, your newly constructed establishment will be 100% ready for full occupancy by the time we finish cleaning. Just sit back, relax, and leave everything to us.

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