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Deck staining Columbia TN

Why Is Deck Staining a Must?

The primary concern for a wooden deck in Middle Tennessee is the elements. The sun, rain, wind, and fluctuations in temperature can all impact the durability and appearance of your wood deck. Numerous individuals mistakenly believe that “pressure-treated” wood doesn’t require safeguarding against the elements. The truth is that all types of wood necessitate protection.

At 15cent Pressure Washing, our services aim to maintain your deck by offering professional deck staining to safeguard your investment. The expense of leaving wood exposed can be substantial. By utilizing our staining services at 15cent Pressure Washing, you can steer clear of expensive repairs and replacements in the future.


Prevention of Rooting Wood

In our humid environment, untreated wood will decay. Moisture in the wood creates an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Once decay begins, halting its progress becomes exceedingly difficult. Not only does it detract from the appearance, but it also weakens the wood, raising the likelihood of structural failure. Insects can also contribute to the decay process. To address these issues, we recommend ordering a deck stain from our company.


UV Protection

Moisture is not the sole adversary of unsealed wood in the United States. The ultraviolet (UV) rays emitted by the sun can lead to discoloration. Unshielded wood is prone to fading, drying out, and cracking due to prolonged exposure to the sun.



Both paint and stains can protect your deck from the elements, but a wood stain is the superior choice if you want to enhance the beauty of your deck. Paint conceals the natural grain of the wood, whereas a stain accentuates its inherent grain.


Extending the Life of Your Deck

Protecting your deck with the assistance of our 15cent Pressure Washing services can prolong the lifespan of your deck and save you money. Deck repairs and replacements can be costly, but deck staining performed by our team at 15cent Pressure Washing can help minimize expenses.


Adding Value to Your Home and Your Lifestyle

A well-maintained deck will enhance the value of your home and improve your lifestyle. Ensuring that every aspect of your home appears at its best is crucial for boosting its value. Moreover, a well-maintained deck establishes an inviting area for gatherings with family and friends. You will derive greater enjoyment from your deck when it retains its attractive appearance and remains well-protected.

Deck staining Columbia TN

Our Deck
Staining Process

At 15 Cent Pressure Washing, we utilize high-quality wood stain to guarantee long-lasting outcomes. Our team of professionals employs their expertise and proven techniques to provide the top-notch results that you deserve.


Newly Constructed Decks

The optimal time for deck staining is when your deck is newly constructed. Our staining process will seal the wood and ensure that it remains completely protected right from the beginning.


Older Decks

We can restore your older deck to its original beauty. We begin by cleaning your deck with professional power washing to remove dirt and residue that has accumulated over the years. Once the cleaning is complete, we will proceed with the staining process. You will be amazed at how our treatments will make your deck look brand new!

Our Deck Staining Reviews

They were fantastic. I would definitely use them again. Prices are fair and the service is great. They do take pride in their work. My house looks beautiful.
Liz Hoyos
Liz Hoyos
13:44 20 Nov 23
Michael did a great job again (2nd time using his services) pressure washing our house, gutters and porch areas. Always looks fabulous when he’s finished!
T. D.
T. D.
00:43 07 Nov 23
Great communication, very professional and high quality service!
Daniel Pugh
Daniel Pugh
12:05 21 Oct 23
They were there on time and did a very good job of cleaning my roof and pressure washing my house . The bill was very reasonable. I would use them again.
Larry Owens
Larry Owens
15:38 09 Oct 23
They did a awesome job at our complex!Highly recommend!
Anita Chewning
Anita Chewning
16:39 29 Sep 23
Michael with 15 cent pressure washing was great! Very professional, quick response and turnaround. Our house looks brand new again!
Todd Rector
Todd Rector
21:04 22 Sep 23
Mike is a great young man. Professional and hard worker. He pays attention to details and wants to make sure you are happy.
Sandy Handzlik
Sandy Handzlik
11:58 22 Sep 23

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