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Deck staining Columbia TN

Why Is Deck Staining a Must?

The most significant threat to a wood deck in Middle Tennessee is the elements. The sun, rain, wind, and temperature changes can all affect the stability of your wood deck and its appearance. Many people make the mistake of thinking that “pressure-treated” wood does not need protection from the elements. The fact is that all types of wood need protection.

Our services from 15cent Pressure Washing will preserve your deck as we protect your investment with professional deck staining. The cost of leaving wood exposed can be high. You can avoid costly repairs and replacements down the road by using our 15cent Pressure Washing staining services now.


Prevention of Rooting Wood

In our humid environment, unprotected wood will rot. Moisture in the wood is the perfect growth environment for mould and mildew. Once rot sets in, it is nearly impossible to stop it. Not only is it an eyesore, but it can also weaken the wood and increase the risk of collapse. Insects can also promote rot. Ordering a stain for your deck from our company will:


UV Protection

Moisture is not the only enemy of unsealed wood. The UV rays from the sun can cause discoloration. Unprotected wood will fade, dry out, and crack from excessive sun exposure.



Both paint and stains can protect your deck from the elements, but a wood stain is the better choice if you want to enhance the beauty of your deck. Paint covers up the wood's natural grain, while a stain highlights the wood's natural grain.


Extending the Life of Your Deck

Protecting your deck with the help of our 15cent Pressure Washing services can extend the life of your deck and save you money. Deck repairs and replacements can be expensive. Deck staining from our team at 15cent Pressure Washing can help keep costs down.


Adding Value to Your Home and Your Lifestyle

A well-cared-for deck will add value to your home and your lifestyle. Making sure every area of your home looks its best is essential to increasing its value. More importantly, a well-cared-for deck creates an inviting space for family and friends to gather. You will enjoy your deck more when it looks good and stays protected.

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Deck staining Columbia TN

Our Deck
Staining Process

At 15cent Pressure Washing, we use high-quality wood stain to ensure long-lasting results. Our team of experts uses our expertise and proven techniques to deliver the high-quality results you deserve.


Newly Constructed Decks

The best time for deck staining is when your deck is newly constructed. Our staining process will seal the wood and ensure that it stays completely protected right from the start.


Older Decks

We can restore your older deck to its original beauty. We start by cleaning your deck with professional power washing to remove dirt and residue that has built up over the years. Once the cleaning is complete, we'll follow up with the staining process. You'll be amazed at how our treatments will make your deck look brand new!

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