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Dangers of Blocked Gutters

As mentioned above, an unprotected gutter system can lead to severe damage to the rest of your house. This damage develops slowly over time, so it may not seem like a significant issue. Still, without preventative measures, you run the risk of needing extensive construction work. Some of the issues that can stem from clogged gutters include roof damage, a weakened foundation, or a flooded basement.


Roof Damage

When debris threatens to clog your gutters, more and more water escapes the trough and splashes onto the roof. This increase in moisture threatens the continued stability of the rooftop and can potentially lead to unsightly mold growth, which endangers the health of the home’s occupants.


Weakened Foundation

When gutters cannot correctly divert rainwater, it can seep into the ground underneath your home and cause it to shift. This shifting may cause cracks in your home’s foundation that can escalate to the point of making your home unlivable.


Flooded Basement

Water flows to the lowest point possible when it’s allowed to run freely. A period of heavy rainfall can quickly end with a flooded basement if your gutters can’t properly divert this natural flow.

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Our Process

If you’re not keen on grabbing the garden hose to flush the gutters yourself, you’re in luck. Our fully licensed and insured pressure washers will ensure that they do the job safely and efficiently.

At 15cent Pressure Washing, we clean out heavy debris by hand, remove built-up plant matter, and properly place it in garbage bags.  For more stubborn growth, like mold or lichen, we use a high-pressure sprayer and other top-of-the-line equipment to scrub the gutter clean.

Gutter Guard Installation

Along with our stellar gutter cleaning service, our cleaners can use their wide range of experience to offer preventative solutions to ensure that your gutter system doesn’t block as easily next time. For instance, we can tell you how often you should clean the channel (which can vary based on location and season) and recommend gutter guards for even better protection from rain and plants.

Our technicians are trained in properly installing gutter guards as we use a stainless steel microfiber mesh made by Gutter Glove for every gutter guard installation job in Maury County and surrounding areas.

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