Safe Pressure Washing Guidelines

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You can use a pressure washer to quickly remove built-up grime from your exterior surfaces. However, not all surfaces can withstand a jet of water at over 2000 PSI, and you might end up with costly damage. That’s the last thing you want.

In this article, we explore five areas of your home or commercial property that can benefit from professional pressure washing in Spring Hill, TN. You can safely clean these surfaces with a professional-grade power washer without compromising their integrity!


Does accumulated dust, gunk, or algae make your fence look uninviting? If your fence consists of vinyl or other strong material, you can safely clean it with low pressure. For a wooden fence, however, you need to be a little more careful.

Fences can be challenging to clean because of the numerous fissures and gaps in between. Luckily, a power washer can reduce cleaning time substantially with the right water pressure and cleaning agents.


Over time, your vinyl siding can lose its color and become grimy due to dirt and algae buildup. A thorough deep cleaning with a pressure washer at low PSI can restore the siding to its pristine condition.

Be sure not to use excessive pressure, as you can damage your siding. While you can also pressure wash aluminum or wood siding, the pressure should be much lower. 

If you use a high-pressure setting, you may end up with chipped paint on your wood siding or dented aluminum siding. 


You should give your roof extra loving care as it’s your first line of defense against harsh elements. One way to achieve this is through regular cleaning to keep the roof free of debris and microorganisms.

Unfortunately, manual cleaning can be daunting and hazardous. Pressure washing in Spring Hill, TN, is your safer and more cost-effective bet. However, you shouldn’t do this yourself if you’ve never pressure washed a roof before!

Using high pressure on a roof can be disastrous, particularly if your roof is old or made of asphalt. It’s best to hire a reputable professional, even if you have the strongest roof in the neighborhood. 

The Driveway

Constant exposure to oil spills, muddy shoes, heavy rain, and other external elements can quickly turn your driveway into an eyesore. Even worse, these elements can weaken the surface over time. Pressure washing can effectively get rid of built-up dirt and grease, returning your driveway to like-new condition and preserving its structural integrity.

Exterior Walls

Cleaning your external walls is perhaps the best use of pressure washing in Spring Hill, TN. You can safely clean surfaces made from brick, vinyl, and other robust materials. 

However, it’s important to note that too much pressure can wear the paint off your walls. You’re better off hiring a professional if you want to wash painted surfaces.

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