What to Pressure Wash for Outdoor Spring Cleaning in Thompson’s Station, TN

pressure washing Thompson, TN

Springtime calls for spring cleaning, and you don’t want to forget your property’s exterior. To get rid of all that accumulated dirt, grime, and algae, you’ll get pristine results fast with pressure washing in Thompson’s Station, TN.

However, before you call a professional crew for help, let’s go over the areas you should tackle for pressure washing.

Start With Your Driveway, Walkways, and Sidewalks

Asphalt and concrete surfaces will accumulate spilled liquids, dirt, grease, dropped food, and other dirt and grime throughout the seasons. This nasty dirt and grime are accompanied by frequent foot traffic, worsening the problem.

Start your pressure washing in Thompson’s Station, TN, by targeting your sidewalks, walkways, and driveways. You may need hot-water jet washing technology to eliminate stubborn stains and dirt.

Pressure Wash Your Building’s Exterior

During the winter season, you probably won’t have much time or the right weather conditions to clean the outside of your property.

Unfortunately, once all that snow melts and temperatures soar, you may notice a lot of extra dirt and grime on your home’s or business’s siding. Worse yet, you may even spot algae or budding mold spores.

Pressure washing your building’s exterior will instantly boost your home’s curb appeal. This process also prevents pests from causing exterior and structural damage.

Clean Your Patios and Porches

Spring is a great opportunity to prepare your patios and porches for outdoor barbeques and summer gatherings. Your patios, porches, and decks can take a beating from UV rays and the weather. With pressure washing, you can make these areas shine like new.

You may even decide to stain a wood deck, but you should always start with power washing from a professional crew.

Wash Your Outdoor Furniture

You can also pressure wash your outdoor wood, stone, or plastic furniture using a lower setting. The correct setting should be strong enough to eliminate stubborn dirt without damaging your couches or chairs.

Soft Wash Your Windows

You should never pressure-wash your windows. Instead, you should soft wash them. Pressure washing can crack or shatter your windows, so choose a pressure washing company experienced in gentle, soft washing.

Removing that pesky dirt and grime left by winter has many advantages. Of course, cleaner windows mean a more visually-appealing property and also bring in more natural light.

Clean windows can also improve indoor air quality and reduce your monthly energy bills.

Pressure Washing Your Fences and Gates

While it’s easy to overlook your fences and gates, they are also the first things many people see when passing by, meaning they have a huge influence on your curb appeal. Give them a quick pressure wash to instantly boost curb appeal.

Let the Professionals Handle Your Springcleaning

Some homeowners see spring cleaning as a chance to rejuvenate their homes and get excited about making a to-do list. When you add pressure washing to your spring to-do list, call 15cent Pressure Washing.

While you organize your pantry or basement, we can handle your pressure washing in Thompson’s Station, TN. Call 15cent Pressure Washing today at 1-931-446-1031!

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