Best Time to Pressure Wash Your Home in Thompson’s Station

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When is the best time for pressure washing in Thompson’s Station, TN? With some expert tips from the professionals at 15cent Pressure Washing, you can schedule your next professional power wash with complete peace of mind.

Continue reading to see what these professionals say about scheduling your pressure washing for hassle-free results.

When Is the Best Time To Pressure Wash Your Home?

The generally accepted window is between March and November. However, with a little foresight, you can determine the best time for your pressure washing based on specific factors.

Consider the following when scheduling your professional cleaning:

After the Rainy Season

Lots of humidity and rain cause a homeowner’s largest issue: mold and mildew. Soft washing and pressure washing your outdoor spaces eliminate this hazard, but the mold will reappear if improperly timed. Consider waiting until the rain subsides somewhat to mitigate this risk (the drier season in Tennessee happens from August to December).

Ideally, local professionals will remove any mold, mildew, or algae from your property’s exterior surfaces as the rain dries up. Yearly pressure washing in Thompson’s Station is typically enough to inhibit mold growth, but you should diligently inspect for signs of reappearance. With well-timed pressure washing, you can remove all mold or mildew and keep it from taking over.

Spring or Fall

Most professionals prefer to pressure wash in the spring or fall. A professional team can pressure wash any time of year, but consider choosing mild temperatures for optimal results. Ice or snow can make exterior cleaning less effective when the weather is too cold.

You can request your cleaning in the summer. However, the heat may neutralize the cleaning solution. High heat also causes the solution to evaporate faster, causing potential health risks and ineffective results.

In Tennessee, professionals prefer the fall. If you clean during the fall, you’ll remove all pollen after the spring and summer and ensure the grime does not settle in over the winter.

Choose a Clear Day

Try to schedule your pressure washing on a clear, sunny day. Overcast or rainy weather causes the following issues:

  • Rain splashes dirt on the clean surface, marring curb appeal.
  • Lack of visibility
  • Ruining the pressure washer
  • Slipping and falling

It’s possible to clean during a light rain or an overcast day, but if it storms, the company may reschedule your cleaning for maximum results. Always keep in touch with your pressure washing company and mention any weather-related concerns you have as the date draws near. The right company will work with you to reschedule, so you receive the best service available.

Contact 15cent Pressure Washing

If you need help with your pressure washing, contact our team. We’ve been in the industry for years and can answer any questions about the process. If you need help with scheduling, we can provide insight and help you choose the best day.

Call 15cent Pressure Washing at 931-219-2055 today to request an estimate on pressure washing in Thompson’s Station, TN.

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