Can You Power Wash in the Rain?

power washing in Spring Hill, TN

Many homeowners assume they require a sunny, clear day for power washing in Columbia, TN. However, according to the professionals at 15cent Pressure Washing, light rain or overcast days can significantly benefit performance.

In the following, our team explains how overcast or rainy days enhance the job and what safety precautions prevent accidents or injuries. Continue reading to learn more.

Benefits of Pressure Washing in the Rain

Most professionals prefer light rain or an overcast day, but they can work in various weather conditions. However, lightning and thunder can create dangerous conditions, so your professional may reschedule. The following explains how light rain can benefit pressure washing.

Rain Prevents Detergent Evaporation

The detergents evaporate more quickly on a hot, sunny day, giving them less time to work. Water evaporates much slower during overcast days, allowing a technician to adequately perform the cleaning. Evaporation can leave soapy circles on vinyl siding or concrete, requiring additional rinses for an optimal finish.

Overcast Prevents Glare

A professional team has the training to perform in any weather but may prefer overcast due to the lack of glare. Without clouds, the sun can cause significant visibility issues. A cloudy day allows the technicians to see which sections still require cleaning, reducing wasted time or solutions.

Without additional shading, a professional will easily notice grime, dirt, or stains on the exterior and provide quality service during your power washing in Columbia, TN.

Safety Precautions

A technician must implement additional safety precautions during rainfall to prevent bodily injuries or costly repairs. A pressure washer runs on electricity or gas, with gas ones being the safer option during rain. Consider the following safety requirements for power washing in the rain:

  • Use new appliances that work better in wet conditions.
  • Always protect the equipment and keep it from touching or standing in water.
  • Don’t pressure wash in the rain if you don’t have the training and experience to finish the job safely.
  • Avoid residential power washing during severe weather like hail, lightning, or ice storms.

With adequate training, experience, and professional-grade equipment, you’ll receive excellent results during light to medium rainstorms.

Trust 15cent Pressure Washing For Your Power Washing

Our team undergoes extensive training to prevent accidents, property damage, and injury during inclement weather. To prevent accidents, we implemented the following:

  • Only use state-of-the-art equipment.
  • We keep our equipment in the truck, safely away from standing water.
  • Our technicians wear appropriate clothing for inclement weather.
  • We make adjustments on the job depending on your requirements.

We’re your team if you need power washing in inclement weather. We’ll only reschedule if we cannot provide effective and reliable results, and we’ll work with you to find a more appropriate time for your exterior cleaning.

Pressure washing without training, alone in inclement weather, can cause extensive damage. Homeowners cannot access the proper equipment and may not have the techniques necessary to provide a thorough cleaning. If you need power washing in Columbia, TN, contact 15cent Pressure Washing at (931) 219-2055 and request an estimate today.

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