Soft Washing vs. Power Washing: Key Differences Explained

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Dirt, dust, and grime are never kind to your property’s exterior surfaces. Besides just ruining your home’s appearance, such contaminants can also cause permanent damage. Fortunately, regular power washing in Columbia, TN, can save you from these worries.

Professional pressure washing services are a great way of eliminating dirt and grime from your property. However, picking the right technique is vital if you are to attain favorable results. This is where things get a bit tricky.

Many property owners often get confused between soft washing and power washing. While some might use the two terms interchangeably, they are quite different.

What Is Power Washing?

Power washing is a technique that uses pressurized water to clean surfaces. It is this high pressure that is responsible for breaking down and eliminating dirt, dust, grime, and mold.

Due to the pressure involved in this method, it is only ideal for cleaning tough surfaces like walkways, brick, and driveways.

What Is Soft Washing?

Unlike power washing, soft washing is not as abrasive. Cleaners attach a special nozzle to a pressure washer, significantly reducing the force and speed of the water coming out of the machine. It also involves the application of a cleaning solution to the area in need of exterior cleaning.

Depending on the solution the technician uses, they could let it sit for a while and allow it to break down the dirt and grime. Afterward, they use soft washing to gently clean the cleaning solution along with the dirt and debris.

Soft Washing vs. Power Washing

It’s clear to see how different these two methods are. For starters, the pressure power washing uses is always higher. Also, each technique is suitable for cleaning specific areas.

For instance, a power washing service in Columbia, TN, is perfect for concrete driveways. This is because concrete is a durable material and can withstand high pressure better.

On the other hand, soft washing is better suited for:

  • Wood panel siding: This type of siding is extremely fragile and is particularly vulnerable to excess force. As such, employing a less abrasive cleaning method will help prevent damage.
  • Roof cleaning: Yes, your roof can take a beating from harsh elements. However, the intensity of power washing can knock the shingles loose.
  • Paver: Excessive pressure can easily damage the adhesives keeping your paver in place.
  • Wood decks: Like wood panel siding, cleaning your wood deck needs the gentle touch soft washing offers.
  • Stucco surfaces: High-pressure water can easily eliminate the dirt that accumulates in the cavities of stucco surfaces. However, this pressure can also end up damaging the surface underneath.

Quality Power Washing Services in Columbia, TN

Though the difference between soft and power washing is straightforward, knowing which technique to use can still be challenging. Fortunately, getting your exterior surfaces professionally cleaned frees you from worrying about this.

Entrust your home’s exterior surfaces to our highly skilled team. Call 15cent Pressure Washing at 931-446-1031 for quality power washing in Columbia, TN.

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